Thursday, March 25, 2010

Margo and the Natural dye Workshop

Margo has graciously allowed our Friday knitting group to meet in her store.
This was Margo Kay's workshop that we all participated in. Margo is a wonderful friend and farm woman who raises her own sheep and spins her own yarn and has a wealth of talent and experience. She was inspired to learn more about natural dyeing so she took a workshop at Earthhues Natural Dyes in Seattle Washington and then got all fired up to teach natural dye workshops in our area. Her enthusiasm was contagious and my initial reluctance to learn yet another method was quickly transformed into passion with Margo's help and skill as a teacher and long time fiber artist. If anyone in our North Idaho inland Northwest area is interested in taking a class on Natural dyeing you can contact Margo here Her blog is Thanks Margo. Margo's store will soon be moving to the Dahmen Barn in Uniontown Washington, you can catch her and Judy La Londe's alpaca products there, under the new name- The Milk House Fibers- at the Dahmen Barn

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